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About Us

ATAGLANCELOGOCROP“At A Glance Talk Radio” began as a Television show in 1991 hosted by Michele McCormack with Rodney Bardin serving as the executive producer and Michele and Bill Gasper producing. The show consisted of short stories about people and place within Los Angeles and environs. McCormack referred to the format as “at a glance” journalism and so the show title was born.

“At a Glance” was both a television program and a classroom.  Students from the Burbank, California School District interned under professional technicians who volunteered their time and taught the teens the technical ropes of television production — camera operation, sound and electrical engineering, etc. — on top of the line equipment.  After only a few episodes, host Michele McCormack was offered an anchor position with ABC News and production ceased.  

In 1994 Bardin earned a spot American Radio Network in Hollywood and decided to resurrect the title and thus “At a Glance” Talk Radio was born with Bardin serving as host and engineer and Mike Shinaberry directing.  During this incarnation, Bardin interviewed 300 plus actors including Billy Barter, Gene Autrey (his last interview), Buddy Ebsen, House Peters (the first Mr. Clean), Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

At A Glance started out slow with many refinements and high profile guests. The very first big star on the show was actor Bill Barty. Billy’s Banter with Rodney and the show content started AT A Glance to bigger names in the Biz. Rodney always enjoyed the older actors and had many of the on the show such as Gene Autrey (his last interview), Billy Barty, Buddy Ebsen, House Peters (Actor of westerns and the first Mr. Clean) Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and many more stores of yore.

In 2010 the show moved to KCTY at Long Beach City College and syndication garnering listeners in Florida, the Northeastern United States and as far as Australia.   The focus of the show has grown as well; “At a Glance Talk Radio” now includes segments on medicine, book and movie reviews and nutrition.


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