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Great reads with disappointing endings….

Gone_Girl_Book_CoverGone Girl by Gillian Flynn

On the fifth wedding anniversary of Amy and Nick Dunne, Amy goes missing.  The mystery behind her disappearance takes a number of satisfying twists and turns….. right up until the very end when it offered up a whimper after a series of hairpin turns.  Great read on which I still reflect but whose last few pages left me wanting more.  Maybe there will be a sequel especially if the Reese Witherspoon vehicle in development actually makes it to the big screen.


Object_Beauty_CoverAn Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

The multi-talented Martin’s incisive novel about the New York City art world circa the high flying late 90s is a tightly crafted, insightful tale of the era as seen through the ambitious main character Lacy Yeager.  Martin uses his knowledge about art — he is known to be an avid collector — to great effect as he tells of Lacy’s rise and eventual fall as an art dealer.  I loved this book — made a good vacation great in 2010 when I read it — until the end which left me cold as it came after 300 pages of excellence.

What tomes would you add to this list?