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Summer 2013 Reading


Bird_By_BirdBird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

I read this book while at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop this summer.  Lamott is wise, funny and tells those of us who believe ourselves wordsmith’s to embrace the imperfections of a rough draft.  Just get your thoughts on paper — the real art is in the rewriting.  Enjoy.




Shadow_ManShadow Man by Mark Murphy

Mark is a Savannah, GA gastroenterologist who has also written a great page turner of a mystery.  He is as nice as he is accomplished and has written a mystery about a surgeon with a seemingly perfect life that is turned upside down by a random parking lot mishap.  Could the good doctor be a murderer?  Read on and find out.



Jenny_Jaws_Of_LifeJenny and the Jaws of Life by Jincy Willett

Jincy Willett is a gem of a writer.  Her stories are taught, insightful and inspire me to mince more and more words when I write creatively.  This collection is stellar and the perfect book to carry when you know you’ll have 20 minutes here and there to indulge in some fine writing.


Question_mark_(black_on_white)What was on your summer reading list?  Tell us in the comment section.