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Rodney Bardin – Host/Executive Producer

Multi-hyphenate Rodney Bardin comes to radio after an eclectic career in the arts. An actor, writer, photographer and cameraman Bardin has been in the entertainment industry for 30 plus years starting out as a visual artist — photography and filmmaking – but ending up on the radio as the host of “At a Glance Talk Radio”.

Rodney_BardinBardin developed the concept of At A Glance Talk Radio while working as a cameraman at  television station and partnered with the Michele McCormack to create the television show of the same name that aired briefly in 1991.  In 1994 Bardin adapted the format for radio when he won a spot on the American Radio Network in Hollywood.   For the next six years, the show was on ARN with Bardin serving as host and engineer and Mike Shinaberry directing. During this incarnation, Bardin interviewed 300 plus actors including Billy Barter, Gene Autrey (Autry’s last interview) and Buddy Ebsen.

With his radio show on hiatus, Bardin returned to his earlier loves shooting and writing a variety of projects including; 1999’s Balboa Films: A History and Filmography of the Silent Film Studio (co-author) Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story (2009; cameraman), Within Reach: An Inspirational Journey into the Life, Legacy and Influence of Billy Barty (2002; contributor)

In 2010 Bardin resurrected and expanded the show’s format which today includes contributions from doctors, nutritionists, movie, music and book reviewers and garners listeners from across the globe thanks to the show’s availability on both the KCBY and the Internet.

Bardin holds an Associate’s Degree in Entertainment Law from Phillips Junior College, a diploma from Los Angeles Broadcasters and has studied at Columbia School of Broadcasting and Long Beach City College from where At a Glance Talk Radio is broadcast.   He has lectured on and been recognized for his work on the Cinematic History of Long Beach, CA.

Dawn D. Del Bello – Social Media Maven (former Co-Host and Producer)

After years of working “behind the scenes”as an office manager, Dawn Del Bello joined the world of internet radio as DJ Sunny in 2010, co-hosting Viking Talk with DJ G-Ma on 1610AM.  Drawing on her love of culture, history, and her eclectic taste in music, in 2011 she expanded her reach by launching Sunny’s Big Blue Marble, a world music radio show, as host and producer. The opportunity to conduct live, in-studio interviews with a wide variety of independent artists from around the globe has been the thrill of a lifetime!  In early 2012 she joined “At A Glance Talk Radio” as the show’s producer, where she attempts to keep everyone organized while juggling an already full plate.  A tireless leader and volunteer in her community, she has already raised three children into adulthood, so handling the antics on this show will be a piece a cake, according to her – we plan to test her theory this season!

Doug Wood –  Co-Host/Engineer







Lillian Brown and Blondie: Commentator and Official AAGTR Dog

Lillian_Brown_and_ Blondie





Doctors Chris and Janie Turner: Chiropractors, The Wellness Corner






Mike Shinaberry: Reporter, Space Trails







Taylor Van Arsdale – Music Reviewer

Taylor Van Arsdale got her start in music as the “Original Check-In Gal” at the Guitar Center Hollywood; then moved into film & television at HBO Pictures and NBC Universal. She has worked as the Managing Editor of two print magazines and currently writes a column for the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Taylor_Van_ArsdaleShe hates the cold, loves her fishnets and adores seeing bands at the venues on the Sunset Strip, thinks places that don’t have valet parking should be abolished, grows her own coffee beans, believes that Han shot first, and wonders why no one’s invested in her idea for “Nuts”—essentially a “Hooters” with men running around serving victuals and libations in banana hammocks.

A member of SAG and AFTRA with long-standing film industry relationships, experience as an on-camera interviewer of musicians and bands, she has a deep passion for all things Indie and is always on the lookout for the next great break out band.

You can check out her clients at and listen to her dish about music on Rodney Bardin’s At A Glance Talk Radio. And…um, don’t believe that bit about the coffee beans.

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Amy Sommer – Book Reviewer/Web Gal

In her early career, Amy Sommer served as Povich’s Peon (aka Maury Povich’s assistant) at “A Current Affair”, an assistant at ICM and Director of Development for Alexander/Enright Productions. She became an independent producer in 1995 producing critically acclaimed, independent documentary and fiction films for the next decade until focusing on family and a second career as a writer.

Amy_ChildressA one hit wonder, her claim to minimal fame is the Oscar nominated and Emmy winning 1997 “Waco: The Rules of Engagement,” which examined the 1993 tragedy in Waco, Texas.

Other documentaries, (Sommer swears they’re just as good as her one hit), include; “The Jaundiced Eye” about a wrongfully convicted child abuser and “Mama/M.A.M.A.,” which questions the validity of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy diagnosis arguing that in many cases doctors’ over medication of infants may be the real cause of their infirmity rather than the mother’s mental illness. The shortest of the bunch, “Straight Acting”, tells of Spencer Windes’ evolution from a conservative Mormon missionary into a comfortably gay man, by playing violent contact sports because gay or straight, all boys like to play. Fiction films include “Blue Skies are a Lie” and “Teknolust”.

Sommer shifted her focus away from film – she can take a hint; one hit a decade does not for a career make – and started writing. Since 2006 she has penned several screenplays – a couple for hire, an unsold romantic comedy – served as associate editor of UL Magazine and is currently, editor of and writer for in addition to her work as a publicity and marketing consultant for several Los Angeles professionals.

Sommer earned a B.A. from Wellesley College and an M.A. in Education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. She is active in several Los Angeles charities including the Parish of St. Matthew in Pacific Palisades [], The Venice Family Clinic [], Determined to Succeed [] and The Everychild Foundation [].

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Anne Marvin, ND – Traditionally Certified Naturopath

Anne Marvin pursues excellence in all aspects of her life.  After graduating from The Dalton School, she received degrees from Columbia College [B.A. History] and Columbia University [M.A. International Relations; PhM Political Science] that she used to good effect during a twenty year career in national security.

Anne_MarvinIn 2008 the driven, native New Yorker was suffering from chronic pain and debilitating fatigue despite the shelf full of prescription medications she took daily.  It was then that Marvin discovered Chesapeake Holistic Health and changed her life — weaning herself off all prescription medication — and her career.

Marvin was so inspired by what natural health strategies and holistic nutrition achieved for herself and her family that she became a traditionally Certified Naturopath and Diplomat Member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants with the goal of working with others so they too can enjoy optimal health and successful aging.

Marvin shares a home with her husband, their two adolescent sons and two miniature Daschunds who keep everyone in line.

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Keith Huss – Intern

Elisabeth Lueb – Photographer


Jonathan Lueb: IT Consultant Inaugural Webmaster


20130809_212219-1Marz Srey Contributor

Marlene Srey is a Long Beach, CA native who is starting her junior year at California State University Northridge  where she is majoring in CTVA- T.V. Production and minoring in Journalism.  This will be her second semester with At A Glance Talk Radio.




Jamon Dixie: Intern